A screenshot of someone making a desk booking using the Slack desktop app.

Desk booking app built right into Slack

The Deskfound app for Slack allows your team to make and manage their desk booking right from where they work.

Using slash commands users can make a booking and view and manage their upcoming bookings.

Messages posted to Slack from Deskfound update employees on who is visiting the office and encourage team members to join their peers in the office.

Book a Desk

Book a shared desk right from Slack

Employees can easily see what desks are available and book a desk at your hybrid office without having to leave Slack.
A character showing Deskfound's desk booking app for Slack on an oversized mobile device.
A screenshot of a weekly slack message send using Deskfound.
Office Experience

Use Slack messages to encourage employees to visit the office

Prompt team members to visit the office using automated Deskfound update messages sent right to your office Slack channels.

Getting started with Deskfound
for Slack

How to Add to Slack?

If you already have a Deskfound account you can Add to Slack from the Slack setting page.

If you don't have a Deskfound account you can sign up for a Deskfound account using your work Google account and follow the onboarding instructions to add Deskfound to Slack.

What are the desk booking slash commands?

Slash commands allow you to complete an action in Deskfound simply by sending a message in Slack. Type a forward slash in any conversation to view a list of available slash commands.

Deskfound for Slack has 2 slash commands:
/book -for booking a desk
/bookings - for viewing and making changes to upcoming bookings

Deskfound for Slack also has 2 shortcuts:
Book a desk with Deskfound -for booking a desk
My bookings with Deskfound - for viewing and making changes to upcoming bookings

How much does Deskfound cost?

Deskfound costs $1/user/month. A user is any employee that will need to book a desk. You can purchase "Seats" for all your users in buckets.

Does Deskfound offer a free trial?

Deskfound is free to try for up to 10 users. This allows you and your other admins or inital users the ability to create an account, add locations and desks and test how it will work before launching to your whole company.

Add Deskfound to Slack